Computer Startup Screen with Boot Device Not Found Message

Online fake Windows computer startup screen prank with Boot Device Not Found error message. Open this on your friend's computer and they will believe something's wrong with their PC.

The animation starts with a DELL startup screen then it tries to boot from CD drive. When this doesn't succeed as creen appears showing no boot device is found and the only option the visitor can pick is to restart the last known good configuration. When the Enter is pressed a warning shows up and it seemingly erases all data from the hard drive. After formatting the disc a "Don't worry it's just a prank" message shows up.

F2 - Setup Utility
Esc - Boot menu
welcome screen

Bios Revision 2.18.0


Please Wait...
Trying to boot from IDE0: WCD WD1600BEVT-223CHG.

Trying to boot from CD/DVD: Optiarc DVD RW AD-98123-(P).

Boot Device Not Found

Please install an operating system on your hard disk:
Hard Disk (3F0)

Start The Last Known Good Configuration